Those tasteful souls at Terry’s really missed a trick when they neglected to include the word carnival when naming their Notting Hill collection as it really does contain all the colour, spice and excitement of the London borough’s famous multicultural celebration. The floral pattern is delicate and richly detailed yet dynamic and daring in its execution at the same time- I really felt the urge to Hula, as Hawaii was definitely on my mind! A tropical themed room would perfectly house any shade of the Notting Hill collection and to create one, all you need to do is read on.

The colour palette found in tropical design is drawn mostly from natural elements such as the sea, sky, and vegetation. Hues may be deep and rich or may fall on the lighter, brighter side. The sea and sky provide a range of blue tones, while the sun-drenched sand offers various golden tones. Other colours come from tropical foliage which is lushly green with brilliant flowers in a rainbow of colours.

Furniture in tropical style rooms is often made of teak, wicker, rattan, or sea grass. These materials add a lot of texture and interest when used in the design of chairs, tables, and ottomans. Sofas in tropical settings typically feature an open wood frame with upholstered cushions. Sofas and beds can also be framed with rattan, woven from wicker, or covered in sea grass fibre. Arm chairs, coffee tables, and ottomans are sometimes made entirely of wicker or sea grass.

Exotic hardwood floors like rosewood or bamboo form a richly coloured base on which to place tropical furniture. Rugs made of sea grass are a perfect complement to island motifs and create nice contrast on top of dark wood floors.

Floral patterns are usually found on fabrics used for tropical upholstery and window treatments. These natural patterns may be subdued or vibrant with hues of red, orange, blue, and pink. Silk fabrics are regularly found in elegant tropical decor. These silks are available in solid colours as well as botanical patterns. A modern tropical design might feature solid silk fabrics in hues of bright green, pale yellow or rich red.

The theme of a tropical room can be greatly enhanced with the right accessories. If the chosen design is mostly neutral up to this point, then bring in some accent colour with bold accessories. If the tropical décor features colour in fabrics or paint, then use this existing palette as a launching point for adding coordinating accessories. The first element to include is verdant tropical foliage like Palm trees, Orchids, Banana trees, Bird of Paradise, Hibiscus, Caladium and Bamboo.

Whether you choose real plants or life-like faux versions, choose a container made of wicker, bamboo, or rattan to continue the tropical theme. Other items that will boost your tropical décor are beach objects such as shells, coral, driftwood, coconuts, and rocks. You can also bring in tiki statutes, decorative wood carvings, and pineapple designs for authentic island flair. Gaudy shirts and floral wreaths worn around the neck are optional!

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