Whether you work in an office or at home having a bog-standard desk can be a little mundane and somewhat boring. These awesome desks are not your usual 9-5 styles, however, they may be just what you need to keep your office from becoming a sluggish and dull place to work.

The Grey Home

We’ve seen cars turned into sofas and chairs and now we see them being turned into desks; they’d be fabulous in a car showroom or garage, as well as a petrol head’s home office.

Nia Home

If you love steam punk then you’ll have to have this awesome desk in your office.


This amazing desk is a modern take on the old-fashioned roll-top desk of yesteryear. It’s a great way to hide away work when you’ve finished for the day when working from home.


Cube desk is a colourful desk which will make anyone want to go to work. It even has co-ordinating cube-cubby holes for your paperwork.


It’s been on the news lately that studies have found that standing up while working can lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Combine it with a treadmill and you’ll be getting your daily workout too.


The front of a bus has been turned into a compact office space – an innovative upcycling venture that stops old buses being turned into scrap metal. Get fit while you work by pedalling at your desk. You’ll keep your legs moving and hopefully burn a few calories at the same time.

Stranger than Vintage

If you have a contemporary office then you’ll have to include this sleek and somewhat sexy desk. The smooth contours and gentle slopes give off peaceful and calming vibes.

Wayck Owl

Bring outdoors indoors by growing grass on your work desk! It may not give you the same fresh air as the great outdoors, but tendering and watering your green patch will show your tenacity and dexterity skills to your boss!


Another awesome desk for steam punk lovers. You have to admit that really does blow you away.

The Dot

Rather be on the beach than working? Wriggle your toes in sand to make you feel like you’re having fun even though you’re working. The tactile sensation is also said to be good at reducing stress levels.

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