New Years Resolutions

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

With 2009 fast approaching it will soon be time to decide on your New Years resolution. Many of us will promise ourselves that we will finally take on the dreaded decorating…..and fail to get past even the undercoat. Though the will is strong, the problem usually lies with motivation- after a hard day at the office just what is going to tempt you into donning the overalls and picking up that roller?

By discovering just what it is that motivates you into giving your home a makeover you will ensure that this year you are a part of that mythic group of people who stick to their resolution and achieve the unachievable.

Below is a list of reasons for decorating. Choose, two or even three that most apply to you. Write each one down as a heading and underneath, expand on each point. Then attach the list to a place that you cannot avoid (i.e. the fridge door, the bathroom mirror or a spot next to the television).

1. I decorate to for a nicer home. It may sound obvious but this is definitely the most important of the ten reasons. All too often people look at their house as a cash cow rather than a home. You have to live in your home and decorating it will increase your living experience, lift your mood and improve your quality of life.

2. I decorate to impress. If you are somebody who loves to entertain, a nice environment that impresses your guests and makes them feel relaxed and at home is a must.

3. I decorate to show off my talents. Do you consider yourself something of a DIY demi god? Do you find yourself shouting at the T.V. at the so called “home experts”? Well where better to demonstrate your prowess with a hammer than your own personal show home?

4. I decorate to prove to myself that I can accomplish something. Life is all about testing yourself. Achieving the goals you set for yourself will give you an enormously satisfying sense of self worth- so make them BIG and reach for the paintbrush. Going from running scared of roman blinds to wondrous wallpapering will give your self esteem a boost that’s hard to beat.

5. I decorate to express myself. Your home is an extension of you, an advertisement of your likes and loves. Decorating your home allows you to stamp your own character and personality on your own private piece of the world.

6. I decorate to make my home more functional and easy to use. A well designed home will make your life infinitely more manageable, helping to eliminate family rows, feelings of claustrophobia and the feeling of “making do”.

7. I decorate to keep up with the neighbours. Look out of the window… go on! Do you see the freshly mowed lawn at number 62, the new driveway at 64 and the freshly painted front door at 66? Your neighbours are house proud and you are letting the side down. Nobody wants to be the rotten egg, the black sheep, the bad apple- time to take action. Start with some beautiful eyelet chenille curtains- you can see them from the street!

8. I decorate to increase the value of my home. We’ve heard it time and time again but it really is true- there’s nowt safer than bricks and mortar. What you get out of your home is directly related to what you put into it.

9. I decorate because it makes me happy. We all have hobbies, so if yours happens to be tinkering with the home then tinker away- there are certainly worse pastimes you could have and very few with so many benefits.

10. I decorate for my family. If you won’t do it for yourself, use your loved ones as motivation- look at their little faces- they need a new games room!

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