Yesterday in New Years Eve Party Planning Part 1 we began by looking at the first two steps to any successful New Years Eve party. The first thing was making sure you have your invites sent out and to confirm the number of people coming by phoning and emailing them to contact them quickly! We also looked at making sure you have food and drink and how to stop your lovely curtains and blinds from being spoiled! Today in part two of this mini series we are going to take a look at some of the other important and vital things you need to have the best party ever to say good bye to the 'noughties' and welcome in 2010! The next step is to get your home ready for all of your guests. Like most people your home might still be suffering from the post Christmas blues and not be looking it's very best. If your Christmas decorations are looking bedraggled or will simply be in the way the best solution is to remove them! To add a fresh festive touch, try hanging a bunch of fresh mistletoe from the patio door curtain pole or curtain tracks with red ribbon or hanging baubles from your floor lamps! If any of your guests are staying over New Years Eve then remember to change the bedding sets so that they are clean and fresh. You also might want to consider placing a bed-runner or extra blanket across the foot of the bed for extra warmth, it's also a good idea to close curtains and blinds at dusk to help retain heat within your guest rooms. Your bathroom is also going to be frequently used room! Close Venetian blinds before your guests arrive, stock up on loo paper and remember to put clean hand towels out! If you have an en suite which you prefer not to be used simply lock your bedroom door! You will need a safe haven to fall into at the end of the evening! If you happen to be having a smaller New Years Eve party then it’s still a good idea to plan ahead properly. Having all the necessary things you need and in place will help your party go off with a bang! However many guests you are having remember to turn the central ceiling light out and make use of both table and floor lamps to create a party atmosphere! Image: Belle Maison

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