With New Year’s Eve on the horizon just a few days after Christmas it can be difficult to have everything ready in time. It’s also a good idea to get your invitations in the post as quickly as possible. If at all possible it is also a good idea to send emails or to phone people just in case your invites don’t arrive in time as you will need to know how many people will be arriving in order to sort out catering and sleeping arrangements! Now that you have sorted out the most important part of any party, the guests, you can focus your attention on putting on the party of the year! It’s a good idea to start tidying up after Christmas and to make sure that everything is clean. Working on one room at a time and then moving systematically around the house will help to ensure that your whole home looks spotless from top to bottom! For a New Years Eve party you need to start thinking about food and drink. You probably only need some light snacks or a buffet. It’s a good idea to prepare all of the food ahead of the time so you don’t spend the entire evening in the kitchen cooking. Be sure to also include a wide range of food to suite everyone’s tastes. It is important to also make sure you have vegetarian food if you know one or more of your guests doesn’t eat meat. Don't forget the champagne to toast in the New Year! It’s a good idea to lay everything out on a table for people to help themselves but be sure to keep everything wrapped up before people arrive to help keep it fresh. Putting the table in front of a window will help to leave other space in the room for people and although not practical for everyday use having a table in front of the curtains and blinds can help give additional lighting from outside garden lights or street lights, or you could move your floor lamps near to the eating area in order that the your guests can see what they are eating without spoiling the soft lighting effects! Just be sure to keep the food table slightly away from the windows as trying to remove food splatters and stains from your vertical blinds or curtains can be a nightmare that you can do without! Image: Haven and Home  

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