New Year At Home

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Now that the festive season is in full flow you are probably wondering, like everybody else, “What am I going to do for New Years Eve?” Traditionally the biggest party on the calendar- the time when we say goodbye to all that has past and usher in a fresh new beginning, but more recently the time when taxis charge a fortune and everywhere seems too far to bother, Hogmanay has to many become more hassle and hyperbole than high spirits and hoopla. If you are looking for ways to spend the occasion with all your friends and loved ones without the need for re-mortgaging to cover taxi costs why not hold your own New Years Eve party at home?

With a little pre-planning and some simple decoration you could kick 2009 off with a bang that won’t break the bank. When looking for ways to stage your home for the big night, think BIG! Rather than waste time with lots of fine detailing that will just end up getting lost in the crowd, choosing a just a few large decorations will have the desired impact.

The front door is the best place to start- a cheery festive greeting will instantly get your guests into the swing of things. Coloured lighting wrapped around a tree in your garden, the front gate or neatly tracing the perimeter of the front door will not only hint at what is inside but also act as a handy nightlight to guide visitors to the right house.

A huge blow-up snowman sat on the front lawn will also give your guests laugh as your home comes into view. Of course, if there has been any snowfall you could even make your own for a wonderfully homely effect. Lastly, remember to lay a cheap rug in the front porch or just behind the front door to protect your carpet- this will make the damage survey the next morning a little easier to bare.

Inside the house, the main places to concentrate on are the dining table as this is where people will usually congregate, and the ceiling- the only part of the room in full view in a busy room.

Make that dinner table look pretty with a brightly coloured tablecloth and napkins and placemats that match. Gold and red will create a warm and traditional look whereas blue and white will make for a winter wonderland theme. Linen is perfect for sophisticated party with adults. For a family party with children you may want to adjust this slightly, and go with a cloth tablecloth (paper tablecloths usually tear easily), but use paper napkins.

Paper napkins come in lots of colors now, so they can still match your décor. Finish of the table spread with a large centrepiece. If you plan on having a sit down meal choose on that isn’t too high such as a bowl of candles or some floating lilies. If the table is going to be buffet style only, then go as large as you can. A bouquet of flowers, a chocolate fountain or a tiered cake will all do the trick.

On the ceiling hang large colourful banners, groups of balloons tied together with lace and wrap tinsel around curtain poles.

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