New colours for summer 7: hot pink

You do not necessarily have to adorn everything in bright pink as you often run the risk of creating a girlie, almost childish appearance but when done with creativity, you can create an appearance of sophistication throughout any room in the house. Pink is actually a wonderful colour to use in the living room and contrasts perfectly against navy blue. If you want to completely transform your living room, why not take a lick of paint and adorn your walls with hot pink.

Secondly you can then break up the pink walls by using attractive hanging decorations such as small designer rug or even a decorative wooden piece. Pink is also surprisingly suitable with colours such as green and tans and can act as an accent to existing furniture or walls of this colour. Black and white are also especially attractive with hot pink and will create that 'glam' style that many people are now going for. If you are not feeling brave enough to try out hot pink in your living room then why not start off with your bathroom instead. There are many different shades of colours that go well with a pink bathroom and if you're feeling brave or daring, why not try some light orange.

Pink in the bathroom does not necessarily have to be girlie or soft and when coupled with white bathtubs and classically styled mirrors the results are really impressive. Finally if it's the bedroom you are looking for then again pink is a really great colour to choose. You can actually contrast hot pink with a lighter pink such as salmon and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Hot pink goes really well with dark or light coloured furniture and you can create either a traditional or contemporary and simplistic approach.

If your budget allows it, you may also want to purchase some additional furniture such as chocolate brown bedside cabinets and maybe even a new headboard for the bed. There are so many different ways that you can use hot pink and this is perhaps why it has become popular as of late. If you're looking for a retro feel, hot pink looks wonderful with those famously classic 'Madonna' pop art pictures hanging on the walls and with animal prints such as leopard or zebra used as bedsheets or rugs.

Once you have decided on the colour of your walls and the approach that you're going to take, the finishing piece will be your hot pink curtains. Hot pink curtains should be tapered so the lower ends of the curtains are lying loosely on the floor. This will finish off that retro or traditional style and you will be amazed the difference that hot pink bedroom curtains can make to your bedroom!

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