New colours for summer 6: pale lime

Redecorating children’s bedrooms does not have to consist of bold red and blues with a mess of all their favourite cartoon characters. Instead, you can design a really stylish children's bedroom by using pale lime as you base colour. Firstly you should begin with the walls. You can choose to use wallpaper instead of paint as this is certainly easier to change in the future if you wish. Once you have chosen your pale lime wallpaper and have it proudly on your child's bedroom wall, you can actually break this up with a sky blue centre piece.

Simply take some light blue fabric that can be easily obtained online from a wholesale fabric store and hang this above the header of the bed. You will be surprised how effective this simple addition to a pale lime room can be and you can even choose some subtle patterns on the fabric if you wish. Secondly you should look at the bed. The most prominent piece of the bed is the headboard and with a little bit of imagination you can transform the bed into something much more grand and appealing for the children.

Once you have your bed and the walls finished, then it is time to add some magic to the rest of the room. If you have ceiling hanging lights, you can replace the shades with some lime green shades to match the walls and the overall theme of the room. Much like many modern designs that make use of neutral colours such as black, white or even grey, decorating a child's room using pale lime should promote a simplistic and modern approach so make sure all those cluttering toys are hidden neatly out of the way.

If you don't have a budget that justifies replacement of the whole carpet, a simple rug placed under the base of the bed looks very nice indeed. In fact, by using dark green you can create a really nice contrast between the rug and the walls in the room also. White furniture also looks great in a pale lime room so maybe just a couple of bedside tables would look really nice. So by now the bedroom should be looking fresh and modern but no children's bedroom is ever finished without matching childrens curtains.

Luckily for enthusiastic D.I.Y designers, children's curtains can be picked up really cheaply online and as you would expect there are literally thousands of different and wonderful designs to choose from. Also try to keep in mind that a poor choice of curtains can really distract people's attention from the rest of the room. They should of course be a shade of green that matches the pale lime and compliment, rather than overwhelm the rest of the room. Pale lime is becoming increasingly popular in not only children's bedrooms but also ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens alike.

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