New colours for summer 3: cool blues

If you have been looking to redecorate any one of your rooms throughout the home, why not try using some cool summer blues as dominant colour. Using a light shade of blue is a really stylish way for you to help accentuate certain parts of the dining room. You can actually use a lighter shade of blue against colours such as light greens and creams to act as a partition between the otherwise, lifeless walls.

Firstly, take a look at the centrepiece of the room which is usually the dining table and chairs. A really easy way for you to add that summer mood to your dining room is with the simple use of fabric to cover the table. Simply take out a tape measure and measure from the floor, up the leg of the table, across the top and down to the floor on the other side; this is the length of cloth that you will need to use as you want to hide the table completely.

Floral designs are a great as an addition to your table but make sure you have at least two variations of blue to help contrast with the rest of the room. You can purchase really cheap patterned curtain fabrics online, so simply equip yourself with a modest budget and the correct measurements beforehand. Once you have your new tablecloth in place, this is when things start to become really interesting. Around the table you may have four or six dining chairs that can also look really chic with a simple lick of light blue paint to complements the patterns on the tablecloth.

At this point, your room will start to experience a complete transformation and now you may want to consider the curtains. Curtains do not necessarily have to be expensive and wholesale fabrics can be picked up really cheaply online. When choosing your fabrics, make sure you consider the blue colours on your tablecloth and also the colours of your newly painted dining room chairs. Make sure that the shade of blue with your new ready made curtains is as close to the tone of your newly painted dining room chairs. Remember through, cool shades of blue means you want to try and obtain a calming and relaxing atmosphere so if you have more than 3 or 4 shades, you may run the risk of over complicating things and creating the opposite effect of that in which you desire.

Again, take your tape measure and measure 2 inches above the door or window frame in which you are going to place your new curtains and then run this to the floor. Whilst this will be the length of your curtains, it is always a good idea to order an extra 6 inches or foot of wholesale fabric in case your DIY and sewing skills don't go as planned! If they do you'll have sufficient fabric left to make napkins or a table runner.

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