New colours for summer 2: clementine

Summer is a time for barbecues, house parties and summer picnics but for some, this is the season to get handy with a paintbrush! If you do plan on having guests around this summer then you may already be thinking of redecorating your home or maybe just one area of your house. A perfect colour for summer this year is certainly Clementine. This is a really nice way for you to brighten up your house in the summer and if you plan on having guests round, why not redecorate your entrance hallway? The hallway is the first thing that your guests will see in your house and acts as the kind of 'front page' to your home.

A nicely decorated hallway will make you feel you are happy to be home after a long day at work and your guests will be happy they arrived! Clementine is a bold and striking colour that when used as the dominant colour for your entrance hallway creates a wonderful entranceway. If you don't feel completely confident with such a brave colour, you can actually use wallpaper to decorate your walls. Don't be afraid to choose some with patterns or floral designs as with Clementine it is all about the summer bloom. Once you have chosen your wallpaper and have it up in your hallway, you now may want to consider breaking the walls up with some shelving.

Simple wooden shelves are more than sufficient to create the look we are going for here but if you prefer white as the colour of the shelves, this also goes perfectly with Clementine. The hallway should stay as simple and uncluttered as possible so try to avoid placing shoes and coats in visibility of you and your guests. Instead, choose a subtle storage box and make sure everything is put away nice and neatly every time you arrive home. Finally, you may want to consider using ready made curtains across the back of the door or place them over the windows. Remember, that they should be thin and allow a lot of light to pass through so tab top voile curtains would be a good choice. Sheer voile red curtains would make a good contrast and also create a warm glow to your hallway! I hope this advice has helped you and have fun with your interior design projects in time for the summer!

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