Lagerfeld Style New Additions

New Additions - with the 'Lagerfeld' Label!

Designer Style from - Karl Lagerfeld: Brand new to Terry's and in perfect time for (much needed) cool and fresh summer boudoirs, we are proud to announce the addition of a select but stunning range of Karl Lagerfeld bedding.

Lagerfeld Style New Additions

Collage of fabric and pattern swatches

Cool, crisp, pale backgrounds showcase pastel pinks, lilacs and deep mauve shades in three very unique designs which feature stunning digital images of giant flora and fauna. The collections are accessorised with plains and textures for a truly stylish designer edge, so take an envious look at 'Rana-Rose', Adahli & Senna from Karl Lagerfeld.....

The Rana-Rose Bedding Collection - in Pink

Warming taupe and pinkie greys come together in perfect harmony with pastel pinks, and whites, amid a profusion of velvety Ranunculi - in full bloom. This collection is unapologetically and breath-takingly feminine, but in an ultra modern, up-beat and ultra stylish way!

Karl Lagerfeld Rana Rose Bedding Collection PinkCollage of pink bedding, cushions and a dark green throw
The Adahli Floral Bedding Collection - in Multi
One solitary Chrysanthemum takes centre stage in this stunning design. Complementary pink, mauve and lilac tones blend harmoniously and are accented with a splash of grey against a crisp light background. Textured blush cushions add a sophisticated and mature dimension to the collection, which is beautifully showcased against simple and uncomplicated décor.
White bedding with a light purple floral pattern
The Senna Floral Bedding Collection - in Mauve
The Senna Collection moves away from soft blurry pastels somewhat, with an altogether more sharp and contrasting monotone approach. Deep mauves and dark charcoals contrast against the palest of lilac-white backgrounds, creating a collection which, while maintaining its femininity is also bold and eye catching. Sophistication which oozes sartorial elegance!
White bedding with a dark purple and black floral patternCollage of floral bedding, throws and cushions
The Signature Boudoir
And this sparklingly stylish boudoir featuring Karl's iconic signature makes a stunning and perfectly coordinated addition to any one of these three bedding sets to add that extra touch of star style!
Glitterly rectangle cushion in grey, with the word Karl on it


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If you want to emulate the subtly coordinated and unmistakably sophisticated look of the Lagerfeld Label, by adding some accessories to your own décor and furnishings, then here's some product inspiration to help you to get this beautifully feminine but sophisticated look by combining soft summer pastels, subtle muted greys and luxurious textures.....


Pink bedding with ruffles at the bottom of the bed from left to rightFlamenco Bedding Set WhiteFlamenco Bedding Set GreyFenda Table Lamp PuttyKylie Saturn Cushion GreyFenda Lamp heatherHalo Eyelet Blackout Curtains GreyIsabelle Eyelet Curtains PetrolOH Eyelet Curtains GreyWilson Lamp GreyPalmer Lamp PinkJasmin Lamp SilverKylie Marisa Cushion MauveOrla Linear Stem CushionHalo Filled Cushion GreyLimoge Bedding PinkIngrid Bedding BlushSoha Bedding CharcoalEmpress Fur Cushion GreyVerona Cushion PewterKylie Glitter Fade Cushion SilverEloise Bedding GreyTulip Bedding Set BlushOlanda Bedding Set BLushHalo Cushion PinkHolly Ruby Cushion PinkKylie Aurora Cushions in Mauve