Neat freak or just tidy?

The difference between a neat freak and someone who just likes a tidy home can be a thin line. Having a neat and tidy home is what many of us aspire to, however, when the neat behaviours becomes obsessive and over the top you turn into a neat freak! So which are you? Read on to find out more. Wooden open plan closet with shelves and three cloths rails

Green Your Decor

A neatly arranged wardrobe not only looks spectacular, it's a necessity if you have an open storage system.

Tidiness in the living room means you can sit down and completely relax. Neat freaks will ensure this room is kept tidy on a daily or even hourly basis. Hundreds of shelves on two floors with an industrial metal balcony and dark grey sofas on the ground floor

Justb Australia

Having a copious number of books means you need to store and display effectively otherwise they'll swamp your living space. Drawer with some storage dividers

Good Housekeeping

Being organised is important if you're a neat freak. Many of us have an 'odds' draw in the kitchen, neat freaks don't do 'odds'. Book shelves with books arranged by colour, with red on top shelf, yellow, then green and blue on the bottom shelf


If you spend time colour coding everything, you are a neat feak rather than just a tidy person! A young child in pyjamas lying within a white bookshelf

Blessed Type Pad

You know you're a neat freak when you have special shelving space for the kids...they look so untidy on the floor!! Man standing on a sofa straightening up a picture frame

Big Brand System

Neat freaks have an uncontrollable urge to straighten wall and art plump cushions everywhere they go. Super neat office desk

Commercial Real Estate

Having everything is 'set' places and equidistant apart means that you could have a real neat freak issue. It can be very time consuming keeping to this strict regime, which could mean you're putting your job at risk from time-wasting (being non-productive).

Over zealous and compulsive cleaning can be challenging for friends and family. This type of OCD behaviour is more than simply liking things to be neat and tidy. Neat arrangement of different raw foods on a table


Neat freaks have an uncontrollable urge to arrange everything in teir lives, including their food.

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