The natural, nature, outdoors-coming-indoors movement holds its own into the summer season, but takes on a mature, elegant and stylish look that creates natural looking environments which have a great empathy with the outdoors rather than a quirky or novel theme.

Wooden side table with two fold out sides to make it into a dining table

For summer furniture and finishes for this trend, natural wood, natural foliage and natural minerals are key. Natural wood not only has great colouration and pattern-ation and a naturally organic empathy with nature and the outdoors, but also looks good with almost any other colour or stain; making it easy to incorporate with existing style, decor and furnishings. And in addition natural wood creates a timeless look that will remain stylish and current for years to come.

Large planter and greenery in the corner of a living room

Natural foliage is obviously and unmistakably representative of the great outdoors, and drawing this kind of design inspiration from nature, is a great way to give your space a calm and serene feel. Indoor plants and succulents are nothing new, but it is becoming more and more popular to add plants to your home interiors as part of the design scheme and not just as additional accessories

Catcus sculptural planter on a funky metal stand

Sculptural or textured foliage in particular adds a welcome aesthetic or artistic slant, but not only that, plants improve mood and purify the air too, giving a greater sense of the freedom and well-being that we experience when we are outdoors. Whether it’s a simple potted plant, a statement ‘triffid’, a vertical garden or a hanging succulent, plants are a great way to add an on-trend, summer, feel to your home.

Classy stone stairs and water feature

Natural minerals and elements are represented with brick, slate or stone in very robust and almost industrial, but at the same time, stylish constructions; and the indoor water feature becomes supremely stylish. Gone are quaint and inconspicuous trickles in our home interiors and heralded are gushing torrents and vast pools within our dwelling space! Some even accommodating real ‘live’ nature!

Carp pond in the middle of a home

From exclusive, bespoke and captivating indoor water features like the one above, to classic styled schemes incorporating the use of reclaimed wood to create empathy with the beachy outdoors, the feel is one of a blend between the trendy and the timeless. These mesmerising and watery works of art have far more value than simply aesthetic features though. Unquestionably they are ravishing focal points which bring a sense of tranquillity and a balance of the elements; but used properly they can also help to cut down on artificial cooling or air conditioning needs.

Rustic kitchen with white tiles, and brown accent colours and exposed brickwork

And to touch on the aspect of reclaimed timber again, the use of this natural element is expected to increase further in the coming months and even years.

Two rustic interiors in a collage, left is the kitchen and right is a living room with tv

In addition to its green credentials and aesthetic values, reclaimed wood also provides a cost-effective option that reduces wastage both in terms of materials and expenses, as a result of which, ‘adaptive re-use’ is becoming a focal point in contemporary architecture and interiors.

Pebble design rug on dark wood floor in a modern living room

Whether used to adorn an accent wall, as a gorgeous kitchen island, a barn style door, a feature beam or an eye-grabbing custom-craft coffee table; incorporating reclaimed wood is currently a top design trend. This trend also sits comfortably with the Urban Jungle style trend that was adopted by many designers earlier this year – a combined rustic/industrial look which also involved bringing the natural elements of the outdoors in and combining them with cool steel and metal finishes and clean lines.

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