Natural elements – part 6 - metal

The natural element of metal is being seen in modern and contemporary interior designs, not just in their solid format but also within the colour ranges they provide. Black, white and silver are neutral colours and therefore look striking when used on their own. They can also be used to put the focus on other colours as well as toning down colours which may be too overpowering when used on their own.

Black, tan, copper, brass and gold provide warmth whilst white, silver and greys metals are somewhat cooler and yet the warm and cool attributes are more flexible and far more subtle than that of blues and reds.

Precious metal, namely gold and silver, have been used throughout history within interiors to show and openly display wealth, think along the lines of gold leaf furniture and gilding. The precious metals denote and typically signify wealth, as such anyone wanting to achieve an opulent and decadent interior should incorporate these colours within their homes.

Nowadays few people can actually afford genuine gold and silver furnishings and yet they can use the same colour tones, for example antique brass curtain poles provide a refined and opulent look to window dressings, whilst silver colours can be found in polished or brushed steel curtain poles UK. In bedrooms use the latest luxury bedding in black, silver and grey colour ways to create a chic and very stylish look effortlessly.

The in-trend words of graphite grey, gun metal grey and metallic grey are being used to conjure up the refined colours of precious metals in a more user friendly and trendy way. Sliver colours can be used to create sleek and modern designs or impart a feeling of riches and wealth.The colour silver can be earthy, natural or sleek and elegant. It can be used in much the same way as grey is, although when using shiny metallic inks, small amounts for accents is best.

In feng shui metal colours can empower people with precision and make their endeavours efficient. Metal elements should occupy the west and north-west part of your space if you are designing a room using the principles of feng shui. Grey metals work best in lounges and in offices according to feng shui and should not be used in areas where wood is the dominant element.

Sliver used in combination with this year's colour turquoise, evokes the American south-west. Use other silver tones to create high-tech or industrial interior design styles.

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