Natural elements - part 3 - fire

Think of fire and it automatically conjures up red and orange colour schemes. Of course the element of fire makes you feel warm and cosy and whist having a roaring open fire does indeed provide an interior design scheme with the natural element of fire nowadays there are not many homes which have an open fire to gaze into on cold winter evenings!

However, you can still create the illusion of fire by using these wonderful colour combinations to help you feel warm! Red and orange are ideal partnerships for bedrooms. Red is associated with love and passion making it the perfect choice in modern and contemporary interiors. You can even create the effect of flickering flames by using sheer voile curtains as a mosquito style net during the summer behind which is a bedside table lamp, as the breeze floats into your room it will gently move the sheer fabric to give the desired effect!

There are many other ways you can use the natural element of fire within your home without actually setting light to it! In feng shui interiors fire is the most powerful of all the natural elements and represents energy, expansion and transformation, as such you can use or adapt all or some of the following to provide and use the element of fire within your home:

  • Fire can be represented by candle. Candles can also be used in any room to produce ambient lighting effects which soothe and calm the mind. Bathrooms are a great place to use candles; what could be more relaxing than soaking in a hot bath with perfumed candles to de-stress and relax you! Use red or orange cheap blinds at the window and a gentle 'fire' theme can easily be achieved. Always think about where you place and use candles otherwise you may end up with a real fire in your home.
  • Colour that represents fire is red, orange and yellow, the intensity of the colour can be chosen to suit your own personal preference. Opt for red bedding sets and orange walls or vice- versa to create a warm and sensual look.
  • If you are using feng shui the direction associated with fire is south.
  • Although we in the UK associate fire with the winter months, when used in feng shui it represents and symbolises the summer.
Trying to bring natural elements into your interior design scheme is a great way to break from traditions and turn your rooms it stunning places to enjoy! Image: An Indian Summer

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