Natural elements – part 2 - wind

Blue provides a breath of fresh air into home, its variations symbolises serenity, which are ideal for use with walnut or mahogany furniture. Blue is ideal for use in small rooms as optically the space expands and can therefore give the illusion of more space. Emotional people are soothed and cooled by blue whilst dark blues such as navy are associated with concentration of thought, making it an ideal colour for home office and is also why it is an extremely popular corporate colour!

Think along the lines of pleasant wind, such as bracing walks along the seafront or soft gentle warm summer breezes blowing through your windows to image the type of interior design the natural elements of wind can provide within your home. Gentle pale blue or this years 'official' colour turquoise are perfect for creating interiors which are based on coastal themes. Used with white a stunning bedroom interior can be easily achieved.

Opt for sheer voile curtains to capture the breeze when your windows are open, the gentle billowing will make you feel cool on the most sultry of summer nights! Cotton tab top curtains are a great alternative which also provide you with a little more privacy due to the density of the fabric. If you prefer voiles, for the shimmering diffused light effects they create, choose lined voile curtains for added privacy. Coastal themes remain popular in bathrooms, here you can also create the feel of natural wind and soft gentle breezes whilst still keeping warm and of course, private!

Again think along the lines of warm breezes rather than gale force winds! White and blue are again ideal colours however voile curtains will offer little privacy, instead use cheap Venetian blinds in white or blue as the window dressing. Bring cohesion to the room by adding subtle finishing touches such as glass fisherman's buoys, or use a contrasting colour such as sand yellow. Don't over-crowd surfaces, chic bathrooms interiors aren't filled with dirty laundry or half empty shampoo bottles!

Try not to add too many accessories as these can also give a look of confusion and dis-organisation. Natural elements are all about finding harmonious colour schemes for your home which provide you with peace, relaxation or vibrancy and fun to suit and reflect your personality. The element of wind is also named 'air' and as we all know without air we cannot breathe or survive, so bare this in mind when choosing colours and interior design themes for your home which are focused around the natural element of wind. Image: Beach Cottage Love

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