Natural element – part – 4 - water

This, as with all natural elements, are around us everyday and therefore the main place to focus the use of this element is in the bathroom or shower room. Today bathrooms are more than places simply to carry out one's daily ablutions, they are rooms which are used in invigorated and refresh when we crawl out of bed in the morning as well as places to de-stress and relax after a hectic day.

Bathrooms are no longer the smallest room in the home, although for most people it does remain a small space. Walk through showers, large bath tubs and double sinks are in-vogue. Walk through showers which have a whole host of different lighting effects and shower settings enable people to spend time in their bathroom rather than just rushing in and straight back out again!

Window dressings are key to a successful bathroom designs. They need to be functional to provide privacy as well as practical in terms of being resistant to humid atmospheres. As such cheap Venetian blinds, roller blinds and Roman blinds are the most popular choices. However, as the size of bathrooms increase so does the need for moisture resistant materials.

The latest design trends include the use of full length curtains, floaty sheer voile curtains or a combination of cheap blinds and curtains. Bathroom suites have returned to being predominately white rather than the coloured suites seen in the 1970s. The latest bathroom suites which are coloured tend to have bright colours on the side panel of the bath whilst the interior is white to coordinate with the basin and loo.

Bathrooms have also become rooms which have chest of drawers and large easy chairs, pictures and trinkets to create welcoming and homely atmospheres especially in renovated older styles of homes. Whilst contemporary bathrooms have the latest design gadgets, cascade or rain shower walk through showers, double sinks and baths which have clean lines and no additional fussiness.

Basin sitting on top of vanity units has also become extremely popular made with a wide range of different materials such as glass, steel or stone. The window dressing compliments the style with use of blinds rather than curtains. Whatever type of bathroom you have keeping the colour scheme white or pastel will give the illusion of more space whilst bright electric colours are perfect for contemporary designs which invigorate and awaken the senses. 

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