National pet day - amazing pet friendly homes

Today is National Pet Day so we take a look at some of the lengths pet owners go too, to make their pets feel part of the family. You’ll be amazed at some of the innovative ideas; maybe you’ll be inspired to make your home a little more pet friendly. Dog bed at the side of beige sofa, enclosed in wooden frame

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Want your pet to be close but not jump onto your furniture? This sofa with its built in space for small dogs or cats is the ideal answer. Cat bed inside a white bathroom cabinet

Decorating Your Small Space

You can even let your cat share your bathroom time with this bespoke vanity unit. Wooden table with strip of real grass down the middle of the table, and cat on the top


If your feline friend doesn’t venture outdoors, give him/her some all-important grass to chew at the dinner table! Collage of four photos of a cat getting into a white cupboard and using a litter tray

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Give kitty his own special place in your kitchen with this customised kitchen cabinet. A tall A-shaped cat tower with five shelves for climbing on

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Cats love climbing and scratching, so why not give them their own special climbing frame with added scratching surface. It will save them leaping around your furniture…hopefully. White and natural wood kitchen space with climbing shelves all around the room and ledges for cats to walk on


Cats are given freedom to roam in this house that’s been designed specifically with feline friends in mind. Metal chair with fabric back and a dog lazily lying on top of it


Give your pet a dedicated chair to stop him spoiling your furniture. Comfortable lounging chairs are the ideal place for your pet to chill out. Cream day bed style sofa with tube circling the sofa for cats to climb through


Give your pet a place to hide and still be close to hand with a sofa designed with escape route tunnels. White and light grey bedroom with white bed, with drawers underneath


Large dog? Dedicate an entire room to him and you’ll have one very happy pet. Three shelves on the wall with cats sleeping on each

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If you have limited floor space you can always give your cats a comfortable wall mounted bed. A treetop themed cat climbing frame with three shelves above a wooden hut

Digs Digs

Cats love to climb, so give them an indoor tree house – they’ll love it! Three Labradors sitting on a rug, wearing yellow and blue jacket harnesses


This home really shows it’s love and passion for four legged friends. Brown rectangular planter with greenery growing, with a birdhouse inside

Mama Mia

Feathered friends also need somewhere to land and rest what won’t get them into trouble. This planter is designed with peep holes for small birds to pop in and get a drink or shelter. Wooden fence with perspex dome to allow a dog to look into next doors garden


If you dog has a nosy, or should I say curious, nature, this port-hole in the garden fence will let him take a sneak peek at the neighbours. Plastic chicken house and chicken wire run on grass

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Having freshly laid eggs can be accomplished with a chicken or two – don’t let them ruin your garden when they can live if this snazzy coop, complete with all mod cons. Heated glass vivarium for reptiles, under red light

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Awesome multi-level hamster cage; he’ll certainly have enough space to roam. Glass sink which is hollow and contains water and fish

Dude I Want That

Goldfish can’t live without water, so why not put them close to the bathroom tap? Lots of round glass fish bowls containing gold fish suspended from the ceiling, nearing a window

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Make a focal point in your room with these amazing fish bowls suspended from the ceiling.

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