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Mutt friendly mud rooms - home dog washing stations

Let's face it there's nothing worse than the smell of damp, wet dogs! Furthermore, dogs seem to have an infinity to duck poo and any other foul smelling excrement they come across – they love to roll in it and then come bounding back all pleased with themselves and wonder why you're not a happy bunny and don't want them any were near you, let alone pat them! Help is at hand and many dog owners have mud rooms designed specifically with their dog in mind.   Cream mud room with white bench for washing shoes and wellies


A separate little shower area is great for hosing down your dog and your wellies after a trek through the mud.   Grey tiled dog cleaning sink and shower, in a laundry room


A purpose built shower stall saves you having to bend down when washing your dog.   Two dogs in a purpose built white tiled dog shower by the back door

California home Design

Your dog will soon become accustomed to jumping in the shower after his walks!   Raised metal dog bath and shower in a cloakroom


A dog sized sink is just as effective as a shower cubicle.   Cream tiled dog shower by the back door

California home Design

This shower cubicle has everything close to hand so there's no messing about when it's wash time.     A dog stepping down from their showing, using slide out steps

JS Online

Big dogs are heavy to pick up and put in a bath or shower so why not have one with it's own set of steps? Makes perfect sense!  

If you're pushed for space a neat corner shower tray is the ideal answer.   A dog apparently in a launderette style dog washing machine


No room at home for a doggie shower or mud room? No worries, if you live on the continent then just pop down to the dog-o-matic and put your dog into an automatic spa wash! This is an emerging option in Spain, with the luxury dog spa service being offering by companies such as Lavakan.A dog getting washed in a metal bathtub in the garden

Pioneer RV Park

Any discerning caravan or camping site should invest in a dog washing station for their clientèle. Cream and beige tiled dog shower in a laundry room by the back door


A fully tiles dog shower is a must-have.   a home dog washing machine with a photoshopped dog inside of it

Pics Videos

Or why not have a free-standing home dog wash station that can be put in a basement or garage?   A dog washing machine with a glass side where you can see a dog get washed, covered in suds

DIY Trade

Alternatively your own version of a dog launderette!     A chihuahua dog in a metal sink with a gherkin pickle on its back, for some reason

Curliq Plus

Of course if your dog is small enough you can just pop him in the kitchen sink; why he has to have a gherkin on his back beats me, maybe it's some sort of float in case the water gets too deep?!

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