Moving Home Without the Madness

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Whether settling in to your first home, upgrading to a family house or downsizing, moving house is notoriously a stressful, tiring and daunting period. The long list of jobs to face both before, during and after makes this process a worrying time. There are however several preliminary steps you can do to reduce the stress levels and anxiety during this process:

Forward Planning

Once your move has been confirmed, the first action to take should be to sit and carefully list all necessary tasks to complete (however insignificant some they may seem). This should prevent sleepless nights where your mind is still processing the up and coming events. Once written or typed, begin ordering each job in the chronological order of which they need to take place. For example, arranging to visit the new property and measure up should happen well before ordering your new dining suite. Finally, once your list is ordered it also needs to be prioritised to ensure you tackle the most important and time consuming tasks first. Once complete you should feel less overwhelmed by the process and instead see the event on a week by week basis.

Don’t Pack Up Your Troubles

As is often the case when having a clear out you will come across a huge array of long forgotten objects, clothes and memorabilia. Before going any further realise that the sense of joy you felt when falling across the old book, pair of shoes or LP is because you had completely forgotten you kept it or ever possessed it in the first place. Consequently; in the majority of the cases, it can be chucked out or sold. Alongside this, take the opportunity to look at the items within your home collectively-is it really necessary to keep the spare pan set when you already have 10 pans in your kitchen? Approach the move as a chance to take the best parts of your life and place them in a new and exciting place that will show them off in all their glory.

Divide & Conquer

Once you have separated the items to dispose of or sell on it is then time to package your items for removal. To do this successfully, consider the placement of objects in their new space as opposed to their current situation or use. Package the objects with other items also moving to a certain room so the removal team can leave the boxes in the places they belong and can be easily unpacked in your own time. Whilst packing, also make sure the objects are clean and able to be hung, set up or put together with the greatest of ease: you want to be able to set up your home to a satisfactory standard of which you can then return and clean thoroughly at a later date.

Get Perspective

Finally, even with the best planning and organisation you can muster you are almost certainly likely to forget something however vital or insignificant. When this happens; don’t panic, there are always friends, family, experts and 24 hour supermarkets who can help you out in almost any crisis! Remember to enjoy your adventure and have fun unpacking and buying new bedding, wallpaper, accessories and so on that will make your house a home to be proud of.

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