Moving Home, Changing Style

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Whether upsizing, downsizing or simply changing location; moving home is, however enjoyable, also an expensive, stressful and time consuming period. From viewing properties, to signing contracts to setting up utility payments the list of mundane yet essential jobs is somewhat disheartening. Alongside this, however, be sure to make time for the enjoyable parts of relocating. Get pleasure from planning, designing and shopping for the elements of your house that will turn bricks and mortar in to your new, personalised and family home. This article guides you through some top tips to revamp the old and welcome the new in an economical and time saving way.

Chuck Out Your Chintz

Moving home is the most ideal and time effective period to sort through your belongings. Whether it be your shoe cupboard, garden shed or magazine rack don’t pack things up without asking yourself three vital questions:

  1. Do you like it?
  2. Have you used it in the last year?
  3. Do you have space for it in your new property?

If one or more of these questions is negative it is suggested to get rid instead of transporting it to your new property to then dispose of it at a later date. Not only with this process help organise your life it will also mean you have less to unpack in your new home.

Makeover Magic

Once you are left with your most well kept, favourite or useful possessions it is time to begin planning your new property. For example, if your bedroom furniture is appropriate for the shape of your new room why not change the look using more cost effective and versatile bedding, curtains, wallpaper and accessories. Or furthermore, use an existing plain bed set and update using bright, bold and textured scatter cushions, bedside table lamps and throws. Add to this a complementary rug and funky feature wall for an all together fresh and exciting finish at a fraction of the cost.

If you would also like to update your furniture why not shop around to find door knobs, handles, trims or tassels to lift the piece and help coordinate it within its new surroundings. Similarly, why not visit your local hardware store and investigate the huge range of wood stains, varnishes and aerosols that can quickly and easily personalise your existing furniture.

Bring in the New Boys

Alongside your classic and favourite possessions why not opt for some new pieces which help bring the style of your new home together. If money is tight be sure to concentrate your budget on the main elements within the home such as kitchen appliances, sofas, beds and dining tables. A well proportioned, comfortable and coordinating sofa is the most effective way of creating a stylish and welcoming living room. Similarly, a well designed and functional cooking area makes an effective and neat kitchen. To ensure longevity, choose pieces that reflect your taste yet are relatively neutral and timeless in style. Then, as mentioned, use accessories, wall art and wallpapers to create the contemporary and high fashion finish of your fancy.

Finally, although it is important to create a comfortable and habitable home for you and your family, remember that your thoughts and ideas may develop or change completely once actually living in the home. For this reason, keep your mind open and avoid buying everything new until your perceptions and the practicalities have come in to line.

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