If you're fed up with traditional style of wall paper and want more on your walls than paint you'll love the latest innovative wall art. This style of wall covering is typically panels that you put directly onto your walls. They have a stunning 3D effective which bring a new dimension to your décor.  

 Decoration Lover

With a chased sculptural effect this wall art brings a fresh new look to living areas.  


Natural brickwork is given a lift by 3D wall art that creates a distinctive pattern in a contrasting colour.  

Ali Express

Blocks of art are have equidistant spacing; the overall effect shows a new way to display large pieces of wall art.  

Decorating Ideas

Opulent and sophisticated, this wall covering offers a luxury look that has a variety of textures and tonal colours.  

 Fresh Home

These wall art panels are somewhat reminiscent of Artex and plaster-work – but with a fresh modern style.  

Designer Pages

Go bold and dramatic with black wall art panels that have a subtle integrated pattern.  

Wall Mirrors

Large mirrored fans give a wall a new lease of life – it's also a modern way to help bounce light around the room.  

Wall Decor

Dark leather effect wall panels ooze style; they're a great textural addition to a wall.  


An almost Egyptian hieroglyph pattern makes these wall art panels stunning; especially in black.  

Genius Decor

Abstract geometric patterns have stood the test of time within the world of interior design and these gorgeous wall art panels bring a stunning look to contemporary homes.

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