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Monochromatic – it's not only black & white

If you only think of black and white when a monochromatic colour scheme is mentioned you won't be alone; many people believe this to be true and yet you can use any colour and make it monochromatic. All you have to do is choose your base colour and then only use tints and tones that are either lighter , which is achieved by adding white, or darker, which is achieved by adding black. The end results can look extremely stylish; this versatile colour scheme can be used for any decorating motif with great end results. Large living space with light grey chair, snuggle two seater grey chair and light grey swivel chairs around a coffee table

Furnish Burnish

A grey monochromatic colour scheme is chic and elegant; with colours including silvery tones it creates a beautiful colour palette which is gentle on the eye. Purple living room with dark purple walls, lilac sofa and dark purple pouffe ottoman


Oozing refined elegance a purple monochromatic colour scheme is visually rich and enticing. Cream and beige live room with beige corner sofa, square coffee table in light wood, cream shelves and sliding doors opening out to the garden

Addison Design

Neutral monochromatic colour schemes work well in any decorating style and motif. Light blue and white bedroom, blue walls and accessories and white bedding


Pretty powdery blues, which culminate in the palest blue-white, is perfect for bedrooms as if create a soft, calming ambience. Pink bedroom with pink walls and dark pink headboard and pink carpets

Six Impossible Things

Hot pink monochromatic colour scheme brings a fresh contemporary look. An aqua green bedroom with aqua walls, bed runner and pillows, then white bedding


Teal is a combination of blue and green which allows for plenty of colour variation; however, you can also just use tones which are only a touch lighter or darker to create a stunning décor. In theory the bedding should be teal as well, but the room looks fresh and clean with white. Large open plan white living space with four support columns in white, white sofas, white dining table and white bedroom

Design Rulz

Using a white monochromatic colour scheme creates a stunning look that is perfect for large open living spaces. A cream and soft purple home office with photographs framed on the walls and a glass computer desk

Apartment Geeks

With dark brown as the base this room demonstrates the versatility of using a monochromatic colour scheme. Black bedroom with black chair, shelves and desk and grey bed and bedding

Elements At Home

Charcoal black and steel greys sit comfortably side-by-side just as any monochromatic colour scheme should. Green living room with comfy green sofa, white wooden chair with light green seat and back pad, green rug and dark wooden floors

Elements At Home

With the wide variation of greens, this beautiful rooms should the use of monochromatic colours beautifully. Black and white bedroom with black bed side table, black bedding, black walls and white bed frame

Ideas for Intenrior

Classical black and white monochromatic colour schemes never go out of fashion. Cream and yellow living room with yellow cushions on a cream sofa and yellow rug and yellow window blinds

California Home Design

Bright and refreshing this yellow monochromatic colour scheme is like bringing a burst of sunshine into your home. White and green bedroom with one green wall and one white wall, green shelves drawers, rug and olive green bed base

Six Impossible Things

The extremes of variations in green are shown in this contemporary bedroom. Orange psychedelic living space with swirling orange wall art and long orange corner sofa

Chad Stark

Give your home a retro makeover using a 1970's orange monochromatic colour palette. White floor and white bathtub, then purple and pink walls and purple bathroom rug

Liz Interior Designing

You can use monochromatic colour schemes in any room of your home, including the bathroom. Black and white living room, with striped sofa, and black and white 1940's actor photos on the black walls

Bungalow 1a

Retro black and white oozes chic style when done correctly.

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