Modern Living Room Ideas: Highlighting Your Windows

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Windows are, in many ways, like the eyes of your home. They're how you see outside of your home and they provide an ideal place to carry your décor through to completion. Window treatments allow you to add visual interest to your living room through patterns, colours and texture. Brightly coloured curtains, drapes or blinds can be used to draw attention to your windows in a dramatic way or to make a bold statement through contrasting colours.

Window treatments in muted colours have a more subdued feel which can complement an existing colour scheme and solid black or white curtains uk have more of a modern look. Drapes and curtains allow you to frame your windows and draw attention to the light that they allow into your home; for this reason, they are popular with many people, but there are other options as well. Whatever you choose to dress your windows with, there is no such thing as a wrong choice, providing that what you choose matches your living room décor and colour scheme.

In order to really let your windows shine, choose sheer drapes or voiles which let light in while still providing your family with their privacy. Sheer drapes are available in a huge variety of patterns and of course, you can choose sheers which are in colours other than white, although that does tend to be the most popular colour for these stylish window treatments. If you've decided not to go with curtains or drapes, then your options come down to blinds or shutters. Shutters are a less common choice, but have a certain charm which is all their own.

They have the advantage of allowing you to control the flow of air and light; they also provide perhaps the most privacy of any kind of window treatments and the largest degree of protection from sunlight which can fade large rugs and other furnishings over time. Blinds are another option you may choose. They don't provide the same kind of framing effect as curtains, but it's easy to have made to measure blinds made for your home if you don't find any off the rack models which suit your tastes.

Both horizontal and vertical blinds are available, both of which do a good job of controlling the level of natural light in your living room as well as giving you a good deal of privacy when needed. Naturally, window treatments are available in any colour you want; and shutters and wooden blinds may be painted to suit as well. Your windows are an important part of your living room and when you choose window dressings which show them off to their full advantage the look of the entire room is greatly enhanced.

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