Modern Living Room Ideas: Adding Interest

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

As much work as you may have put into decorating your living room just so, there are going to be times where you find that it seems to be lacking something. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that you can add visual interest to your living room and make it an even more welcoming place to unwind or spend time with loved ones. Just a few small touches here and there can make a lot of difference; and since these additions aren't terribly expensive, you can change up the look of your living room seasonally or whenever you decide that it's time for a little change.

Accent pieces like throw pillows and other fabric soft furnishings such as curtains or blinds provide a very easy and low cost means of adding a little something to your living room. Especially if your living room furniture is in solid colours, a splash of a complementary colour and a visually interesting pattern adds texture and personality.

Better still, it's easy to find some fabulous curtains online to suit the style of your room. If your sofa and/or chairs are standard sizes and shapes, using slip-covers is another easy way to change their look. Many people choose different covers for their living room furniture for each season in order to adopt a different colour scheme for the season without having to repaint. Framed art, photographs and other wall hangings are also a relatively inexpensive way to give your living room a facelift.

If your household is like most, you probably have more wall decorations than you can display at any one time without cluttering your walls – and if this is the case in your home, you may want to consider periodically changing these items. These aren't the only ways to add interest to your living room. If your living room has hardwood flooring, then you can add a great deal of visual interest as well as comfort to the room by adding large rugs.

Even if a Persian rug isn't a good fit for your budget, there are many affordable choices when you buy rugs direct which can add a little colour and impart a warm and cosy feel to your living room with ease. Finally, if you’ve decided it's time for a more radical change in your living room décor, you may want to think about replacing side tables and perhaps your coffee table.

Glass topped tables provide a modern look while also helping to give the room a more open feel; or if you're looking for something more traditional and rustic, reclaimed wood side tables can add a comfortable, lived in look to your living room which invites guests to relax.

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