Modern Interior Design Ideas for Living Rooms – Sharp Angles

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
We've looked at sexy curves for your living room and now we're going to take a look at sharp angles. These clean cut lines are the hallmark of many contemporary and modern homes. They also have minimalistic to keep the style from waivering or being taken 'off-track'. The actual structure and architectural features of your home are key in orchestrating this style of living room. Large glass walls of windows highlighted by the square frame make the ideal place to start. To keep the sleek lines it's wise to choose plain curtains or those which have stripes to keep the flow of the room united. Full length curtains will give you the best visual results. In the past we saw overly long curtains which pooled and puddled onto the floor, for this style they have to be just touching the flooring anything else just won't do, so you may need to opt for made to measure curtains to get them exactly right. Seating should also follow the straight lines, no sexy curves allowed. Placing sofa and chairs parallel to each other is perfect. Square or rectangular shapes for all furniture and furnishings will ensure a smooth line for eyes to follow. Even wall decoration and rugs should follow these forms. Although smooth lines are key you'll also have to ensure that you add plenty of texture otherwise you run the risk of the room looking flat and boring. Choose textured wall coverings, along with a variety of different textures for square and rectangular cushions. A thick shag pile rug is ideal for breaking the monotony of a plain floor. Colours should be neutral, black, white, tans and beige for example. The interest in this style of room lays in the features rather than the colours. If you do introduce a contrasting colour the overall effect could easily be overshadowed. The only exception to this is the inclusion of natural foliage plants – even these should be as angular as possible, take a look at the shapes of leaves to find those which are most suitable. Choosing tall plants will also draw the eye upwards as it scans the room. Take a cue from interior designers to see how they bring a room together – there's plenty of inspiration to be found online. Your living room may not be as large but if you scale things down there's no reason why you can't achieve the same stylish look in your living room.

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