Modern Interior Design Ideas for Living Rooms – Sexy Curves

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Open planing living rooms don't have to conform to any rules per-se, what they do, or should conform to is the basic rules of interior design, namely balance and proportion. Light, airy open-plan spaces are perfect for bringing a look which is not only fresh and modern, but also one that is practical to meet modern lifestyles. Posh brown and cream interior with two curved sofa facing each other, one white and the other black As we discussed in yesterday's post if you want a modern look in your living room then move your seating away from the walls. Add sexy curves whenever you can to compliment straight lines. This juxtaposition is easy on the eye, allowing a natural scanning of the room until the eye finds a comfortable place to rest, which in theory, should be your focal point. Colour choices will also make a huge difference to the look and feel of the room.

Play around with colours until you find those which you like and which bring out the best in the style and layout of the room. Black and white are great choices for modern living rooms, allowing you to add a third accent colour if you wish. Furniture choices will of course be paramount in the end result. Large sofas with sweeping curves are ideal, you don't have to have every piece with a curve, circles, along with angular pieces can also work well together.

To further emphasis the light and airy look choose your window dressing wisely. Motorised blinds or curtains which slide back behind wall and ceiling pelmets will make it appear that you don't have a window dressing by day, and yet by night your privacy is protected. If you don't mind, or prefer your window dressing to be visible at all times, opt for full length lightweight sheers or voiles as these won't distract the eye or vie for attention.

By day you'll have maximum light as well as a view to the outside world, while at night a soft look will occur adding to the sexiness of the room. Many modern living rooms have non-carpeted floors. Polished marble or polished concrete (yes, there is such a thing) look stunning and provide a beautiful reflective surface which will help to bounce light around the room. If you like creature comforts modern rugs will do the trick – they'll also bring another texture to the room and break the visual expanse of the floor.

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