Modern Interior Design Ideas for Living Rooms – Old Meets New

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
Just because you live in an old house or apartment doesn't mean that you have to opt for an old style of interior. Interior designers have show us how to break the rules by using new interior design styles in old buildings. The two meet harmoniously, providing a breathtaking living room which oozes chic styling while embracing the glorious original, old architecture. In the past we tended to try and disguise original features by covering them with plywood, bricking-up old fireplaces and covering detailing on woodwork and plaster-work by covering them in layers of paint. Today we've seen the error of our ways and are now re-establishing these gorgeous architectural features and embracing them wholeheartedly for their beauty and design. White as we gives us a blank canvas on which to work, however, if your home has its own unique characteristics work with them rather than against them – unless, of course they are so dreadful they need covering up! Using white paint means that you don't have to spend hours trying to strip layers of age old paint – the only time you'd need to do this is when the detailing has been completely obliterated. Bring in your contemporary seating, floor lamps and trendy coffee tables to sit snugly in-front of old walls. Bring a sense of cohesion by keeping the room detailed, yet uncluttered. Large rooms may tempt you into trying to fill them up, but to achieve a stylish look avoid this temptation, the room will thank you for it by always looking up-to-date, yet true to its form. Make use of beautiful high windows by using full length sheer voile curtains so that you merely cloak them and allow the allow any detailing to peep through. This style of window dressing is so simple, and yet so very stylish. Most old living rooms have fireplaces, which make a great focal point. Pay attention to detail when dressing your fireplace – a few carefully chosen display objects look far chicer than too many unruly pieces. Place a large mirror over the fireplace, as they did when the house was built – if you place another mirror on the opposite wall you'll flood the room with light and give a spacious living room the illusion of even more space. The one area you may like to leave is the flooring – if there's fitted carpets the chances are you'll find beautiful parquet flooring or original floorboards underneath. Strip off any grime (you may need to call the professionals in for this) and polish the floor to a mirror shine. Stand back and enjoy the time and effort you've spent bringing the former glory back to a luxury living room with the benefits of contemporary style additions.

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