Modern Interior Design Ideas for Living Rooms – Add Colour & Texture

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Whether you decide to use angular shapes or sexy curves for your living room design, one thing is key to getting the look right and that's to include texture and colour. You may decide to just have two colours, either in equal quantities or one being more dominant than the other.

You may also like to introduce other colours as accents into the equation; it's your choice how many colours you have in your living room and one effective way of bringing them into the equation to use use them for your accessories. Cream Interior Design With Purple And Teal Accent Colours Grouping of cushions on a sofa or chairs will introduce enough colour without them being too overpowering. The same applies to texture. Use a variety of different materials and fabrics for the cushions and you'll have a double whammy – colour and texture. Other soft furnishings can also support additional colour and texture.

The covering of a footstool with animal print fabric is an effective way of bringing your living room up to-date. Maybe you have a favourite chair – this can also be given extra attention by use of colour and texture without it vying for too much attention. Walls are a great place to bring in textures. If you have plain walls adding modern art is the way to go. Don't forget the flooring as this can be a great place to bring in texture.

Area rugs placed on smooth flooring will not only be pleasing to the eye and enhance the overall appearance of the room you'll also be able to feel the different surfaces when you're not wearing shoes or slippers – let your feet quite literally do the walking and the tactile experiences will feel wonderful. Texture and colour should also be included within your focal point. If you have a chimney breast this typically becomes the focal point in living rooms, so use this to your advantage to make earn its place.

Brickwork offers a natural texture which compliments plain walls and as any brick has its own colour you'll automatically bring this into the room either intentionally or subconsciously. Living rooms – like their name, are meant to be lived in. It's the room in the house where family and friends meet and socialise, so make sure your living room is comfortable, warm and inviting by using a range of textures and colour. Of course you shouldn't go too overboard with either. Be selective and ensure that they compliment and work well together.

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