When it comes to modern interior design, it can be hard to distinguish between that and classic designs. This is because what is considered modern one season, is soon seen as a classic the next. For example, spiral staircases are currently all the rage, yet they are not considered modern but instead seen as a classic addition to your home. The key to getting a modern interior design right, is choosing things that will not age with time. 5 ways to get the Modern look: 1. Walls: Minimalism is the epitome of modern interiors, as is clean lines and an overall organized look. Paint, rather than wallpaper, is seen as slicker. Paint your walls white or off-white for a clean look and to add space to your room. 2. Windows: Window blinds are ideal in a room with a modern feel, as they are tidy and add definition to a window. They also naturally allow more light into your room, which again is important to give the impression of space. 3. Furniture: Your furniture can be any colour you like, but you are better sticking to the one colour for all your furniture and accessories. Red is very much the colour of the moment and will make a striking addition to your white backdrop. A red sofa and matching chairs can be toned down with white cushions. 4. Floors: A dark wooden floor is in keeping with the modern look and prevents your room from looking cold. Use large rugs in the centre of a room will also break up the darkness of your floor. 5. Accessories: Accessories should be kept to a minimum, so you should avoid filling every surface with an ornament or knick-knack. Stick to a couple of matching pieces of modern wall art or pictures on the walls, ensuring they are level and, if possible, symmetrical. Look for a television you can mount on the wall and place any speakers out of sight. Modern interior design is about giving a look you like a modern twist. An Art Deco chair can look modern with the right sort of accessories. Remember, your home should reflect your personality, so do not allow your quest for a modern interior to turn it in to a cold room you don't enjoy spending time in. Atmosphere is important in a home and you can achieve this and the modern look your after by looking at interior design ideas and tweaking them to suit the size of your home and the size of your budget.

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