Modern Bedroom Ideas 5: Ultra Modern

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

You may have decided that the look you want to create in your bedroom is one of a very modern and contemporary design, but just because you've settled on a modern design, you will have to consider if you want it retro or sleek ultramodern. You have to think over how you want to feel in the room, if you are after having a relaxed feel about it, you'll want to choose a more calming theme.

If on the other hand you want to feel energised and raring to go when you wake up in the morning, then when you are designing your room you will need something which is more vibrant and has vitality. But saying all this, your bedroom should still be a reflection that is you. So, when you're choosing colours, and any furniture, it has to say something about you and not something that you have just picked out of a magazine because it looks good in that glossy magazine room!

Quite often a soothing feel with a modern look can be achieved using a Zen type theme. Make use of all the natural light the room has to offer, if you're going to install curtains or any other form of window dressing, you want to choose something that still lets the light in such as lightweight voile curtains ready made. You also want to keep your decoration to the bare minimum, keep the room uncluttered as this will add to the modern contemporary look. If you have something in the room that does not lend itself to a modern feel, by placing a folding screen to block this area out you'll keep the modern look.

If it is at all possible a wooden floor that has a light varnish will add another dimension to the theme you are working on. If you then place a couple of rugs on the floor which are neutral in colour you will be well on your way to putting the finishing touches to your bedroom. You may like to think of getting furniture which is made of wood and using either natural or stained wood will do the job.

If you opt for furniture that is low and sleek, which has perhaps subdued colour this will complement your room and you won't end up with pieces vying to be the centre of attention! Make a focal point, usually the bed, and dress it up with layers of cushions and throws in a mixture of tactile fabrics, or keep things really simple and have no adornments on the bed at all – remember the 'less is more' rule if you want you bedroom to be rally ultramodern.

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