Modern Bedroom Ideas 4: One for the Girls!

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Girls these days are a law unto themselves and in between sleeping, putting on their make-up and studying, will spend much of their time in the bedroom! So if you're contemplating decorating a girl's bedroom it will be most important to decorate it in a theme that sits well with her approval. You'll be able to choose from the many colours that are available today to create a special theme that reflects her personality.

You might like to think of some sort of pattern that will go well in the room and make it stand out from the other rooms in the house. Of course you will want to create a theme in the bedroom. Every girl has her dreams and her pastimes, it is a good idea to find out what she is interested in, if you don't know already! Maybe she is passionate about a certain type of music, or maybe her hobby is photography.

If she is into photography then it is quite possible to order custom wallpaper and on this you'll be able to incorporate some of her photographs. If she is into a particular kind of sport, you might like to think how you can bring this into the room. At the end of the day, your design of the room does not have to follow a theme, but it is a good way to decorate a bedroom for a girl who has a passion about something! You may consider what types of accessories you're going to put in the room, as well as the type of duvet covers bedding you're going to use it.

Putting a vanity or even a full length mirror in the room can not only add to the overall effect of the room, but will enable the girl to get dressed without having to go to the bathroom each time. You also might like to consider designer rugs, most girls these days are well informed about trends, fashions and designers, so having something as chic as a designer rug in the room will keep her happy.

These days it is also possible to get bedding that reflects a theme or topic. So for example if she is interested in animals, you will be able to get duvet cover sets that have animals on it. Whatever you decide to do it's always advisable to get the approval for the girl, irrespective of her age, because it's far cheaper to get it right than have to change the colour scheme or design simply because her tastes have changed!

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