Modern Bedroom Ideas 3: Just for Men!

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

When it comes to decorating a bedroom for a man, this can present several problems. Firstly do you want to make it a kind of bachelor pad, or do you bring in more feminine qualities to the bedroom? You also have to bear in mind what is the relationship to the man whose bedroom you’re decorating. Is he a relative, such as a son or a friend?

If he's a relative you'll possibly want to think of his personality and how you can reflect it in the room. You might also want to think about how much of your own personality you will put in the room, but at the same time still creating a space that is welcoming.

It really doesn't matter what your taste is or the budget, you still will be able to bring about a bedroom that is sophisticated and inviting by the careful choice of using different colours, different textures and other accessories. A minimalist bedroom for a man can have all the basics that are required in bedroom, and really not a lot more. If you stop to think about it all that is really needed is a functional bed, a single chair, a simple dresser, some artwork that doesn’t take over the room, and maybe a television set.

If you want to add a touch of class then maybe using a black rug will do the trick, but be careful in your choice of design. When it comes to colour this can be a little tricky, because if you ask a man what is his favourite colour he is more than likely to answer you by saying black, maybe grey or some sort of colour very near these.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these choice of colours, but if you go along with these colours, it is probably better to use very light shades and hues of grey and black. You will find that you can incorporate other colours in this theme, like slated blue and perhaps an avocado green, they both have some appeal and can work well with black and grey.

As for the fabrics and the bedding they should complement the colour scheme and if that black rug you placed in the room is bold, then perhaps you will want to keep the bedding a very neutral colour or simple black and white bedding with minimal pattern, alternatively a black duvet cover would be ideal. With the good use of fabrics, you will be able to create a statement that reflects some of your personality without forgetting the man in your life!

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