Mod Style Décor – Mid Century Modern

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

For every new and innovative product or style introduced in interior design there will still always be a group of people who are loyal to timeless fashions of the past whether it be the swinging sixties or flower power seventies. Sitting at the cross roads between the contemporary and the retro; mod style introduces and reinvents classic pieces of design in a new, modern and funky way.

For example, consider cool yet hugely retro pod seats, linoleum coffee tables, opaque plastic shelving and sunburst clocks, all re-designed in a clean and considered way for the noughties. Because of this furniture’s’ dual personality; at the cutting edge of design whilst also paying homage to all that’s retro, the pieces have a charming and softer edge to some other elements of modern design. Furthermore, as described below, they can be incorporated easily in to most design schemes and styles in a subtle or bold way.

Just because this style takes inspiration from the past does not mean the designs are not stylish and reputable in modern settings. Their angular or moulded forms, clever use of colour and varied use of material make them complement the clean and smooth style décor of today. For example, the L-shaped sofa; so popular in today’s interior design, is a classic example of mod style and reflects the linear properties and geometric forms of today.

Team this with an opaque plastic coffee table or a pony fur ottoman for an individual and contemporary finish in a mod style way. Furthermore, the smooth and sassy qualities of a lot of mod style furniture can look great in contrast to more tactile and organic areas such as exposed brick walls, textured wallpaper or wood panelling. Think creatively when looking at these items in terms of their textures and forms.

With regards to colour, you can choose to introduce mod style in a complementary or contrasting way to create or enhance a design feature. For example, use a classic pantograph task lamp in chrome to provide task lighting in a stylish way or use the lamp in bright pink to create a design feature and introduce an accent colour into the room.

Furthermore mod style can even be introduced in to your garden or outdoor space. Consider Viento wind ornaments in silver, a classic stainless steel watering can or fun and funky garden stakes in a huge variety of colours. Alongside the less imposing accessories, the huge range of plastic and metal furniture suits itself perfectly for the outdoor elements. Shop around and find metal striped dining chairs, plastic arm chairs or even a totally luxurious whilst totally cool hammock! Have fun outside and play around with the huge variety of mod style furniture available.

From an understated vase to large pea green sofa the huge variety of gorgeous and fun products available in the mod style bracket ensure your requirements are never not fulfilled. Look at texture, form and shape to either coordinate the pieces in to your current design scheme or go bold and make them the central design and conversation feature in your room.

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