Mission possible 7 missions accomplished! Re-visiting missions 1-6

Special Agent TF, well done for accomplishing all missions and finding the solutions to updating our homes on a budget. Now, just to recap some of the great methods to your success - we have wrapped up the best advice that was given in our final episode of Mission Possible!
  1. Update Furniture With Paint Or Textiles - A re-occurring suggestion we saw in all rooms of the home was to make do with the furniture that you have and give it a fresh new look with simple changes in colour or upholstery/textiles. Bedrooms can be given an instant makeover on a budget by buying cheap bedding sets in a different colour or with an interesting pattern. Your choice of colour can really change the mood too. Sofas can have an update too with slip-covers or cheap cushion covers. A set of drawers or a desk can be sanded down and painted in another colour to compliment your new décor.
  2. Walls Get A Facelift Too - One of the easiest methods of updating the home on a budget was reported to be painting walls in a new colour. A more cost-effective solution was painting one wall and using it to the advantage of having a new focal point in the room. This worked well in the lounge behind the sofa or behind the bed in the bedroom.
If you are going to make the change, think about using a bold colour or one of this season's hottest colour trends. Dressing up the walls further, Special agent TF pointed out how cheap it was to perk up a room with a new mirror or piece of artwork.
  1. Attend To Those Windows - Discovering new interior design ideas to dress up all types of windows from beautiful bay windows to standard windows is another trick to saving money. It is amazing how a room can be turned around and look more welcoming when the windows are attended to properly. Both ready made curtains and blinds can be bought at fantastically low prices to give an instant update. It was also suggested that you try to make your own window treatments by purchasing cheap curtain fabrics online and practising your sewing skills!
  2. Two (Or More) For The Price Of One - When you are just starting to build a home, you will need to start right from scratch. This is daunting because you need so many items of furniture in one go. To make a good investment and save some precious pennies, look for items that have dual purpose. For example, buying a bed with built in storage as opposed to a bed plus a separate storage unit will not only save space, but money too.

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