Mission possible 6 to update your guest room on a budget

Special Agent TF, your mission is to update our guest rooms on a budget. We want to make a good impression on our guests and for them to feel as happy and as comfortable as possible without having to smash into our piggy banks!
  • Furniture And Storage On A Budget - It can't be expected that you have enough money to buy a brand new set of furniture for a guest room. The need to have a bed is quite obvious, but you could also buy a sofa bed that can double up as a seating area for day and cosy bed by night. This is like the 'buy one get one free' scenario - a good investment and practical for guest rooms that will be used to read or relax when guests are not present.
    Alternatives to a wardrobe or set of drawers would be a simple clothes rack with some wicker baskets at its base for undergarments and accessories. A cheap way of showing you care is to offer clothe covers for keeping their special garments clean. Another plus is to have a suitcase wrack at the end of the bed which offers more storage and won't cost the earth.
  • Paint Helps To Tie Things Up - Most of us will not need the guest room very often and so we are happy to use items of furniture that we no longer need in other rooms. If this is the case then it is likely that not all pieces of décor/furnishings will match in terms of colour or even style. This is where paint can help out - by painting furniture to match or even by painting a colour on the wall that will help to bring everything together. A quick splash of paint is one of the easiest makeovers to achieve on a budget and tight schedule.
  • Bare Necessities - A smart addition to guest rooms that may not cost you a penny, is to make sure they have all the bare necessities at hand. This gives the space an almost hotel feel to it - think freshly washed, fluffy towels placed at the end of their bed or some cheap bed linen. If you do need to buy extras, cheap duvet cover sets are a great idea and chosen with neutral colours to suit the tastes of any guest coming your way!
  • What Is Missing? - Try to think of items that you would like to see added to the room if you were to be the guest. Simple and practical décor pieces such as a reading light, alarm clock or some reading material don't have to be expensive. Keep your eyes peeled for clearance sales on bedding or window treatments that might make them feel more comfortable. Blackout roller blinds, curtains or a vertical blind are good ideas, as are a few extra pillows or a warm throw for the bed.

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