Mission possible 5 - to update your kitchen on a budget

Special Agent TF, your mission is to update our kitchens on a budget. We spend so much time in our family kitchens and yet the décor is uninviting, uninspiring and in dire need of a refreshing update. We would greatly appreciate some easy tips and ideas for a stunning makeover - without the expense!

Give Her A New Set Of Clothes

If you need to update your kitchen but have a budget to stick too, dressing her up with textiles is the best way to get the deed done. If you have had a cheap kitchen fitted and are concerned that it looks exactly that - dressing her up with beautiful ready made blinds, floor coverings and some splashes of colour can instantly make her attractive and as though you had spent more than you actually did!

Choose Wood, Choose Veneer

Some people just don't feel right unless the have wooden kitchen units. Everyone knows too that the darker woods such as Walnut are amongst the most expensive. If the dark wood is the look you want to achieve on a budget, try using a dark wood veneer which will be cheaper but still sleek and stylish. Team with walnut coloured wooden Venetian blinds for a balanced look.

High Gloss And Curves

Both high gloss units and curves in the kitchen are very desirable just now and if you do your research you will often find that there are fashionable kitchens at affordable prices. Furthermore, if you are going to buy a new kitchen it is worth going for something that will be on-trend for a good time to come and won't lose its appeal. With this in mind, it is best to go for classic colours such as gloss white with black worktops rather than a gloss purple or green! Colours can be brought in with cheap accessories that can be changed frequently.

Buy A Kitchen Unit

Okay, this might not be the cheapest of methods when updating a kitchen. However, there is no harm in good investment either. Stretching your pennies a little further, to put a unit in a kitchen large enough to accommodate it will add value to your home. Furthermore it gives the family kitchen heaps more storage space and surface space for food preparation, cooking, washing up and even as a replacement to a dining table. There are not many dining tables that can offer what the island unit can.

A Splash Of Colour

A predominantly neutral kitchen - perhaps in all white or with lots of steel/chrome is a great look. It is clean, professional and modern but what about a daring splash of colour to break the mould? You could have a budget splash-back fitted in a glossy red or paint a couple of unit doors in a surprising shade such as turquoise or orange. Splashes of colour can be brought in on cheap Venetian blinds, floor rugs and even wall art.

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