Mission possible 4 - to update your home office on a budget

Special Agent TF, your mission is to update our home office on a budget. After spending a large bulk of our decorating funds on every other room in the house - our home office has been left until last and we must find budget ideas all the way!

Creative Ideas For Displaying Reminders and To-Dos

Reminders and 'To-Do' notes need to be somewhere where they are visible from your desk and in good reach. Quite often they form a frame in the way of post-it notes around the computer screen and wherever there is space on the desk. Sometimes a good de-clutter and organising your space can make heaps of difference without spending a penny, so think of creative ways to display these reminders. A simple yet effective idea is to hang an attractive piece of fabric a couple of inches wide and hang it down the length of the wall by your desk. Clip your notes to the fabric using a selection of bright coloured clips and break them up with some pretty postcards or photographs. It is a really pretty accent to the room and convenient too.

Greys The Word

A productive home office may be designed with a neutral palette to give it a sense of calm, unity and professionalism. If this sounds right for you or if your home office is already decorated in neutrals, then give it a twist by using a bold neutral on the focal wall. A medium to dark grey paint is perfect and will look stunning with white painted furniture - not to mention it is right on-trend this year.

Mix Function With Beauty

In the home office you will need to have a lot of storage options and places to file all your papers away. Rather than shove them in a draw, use them on open shelving to add colour and detail to your décor. Files are a necessity and they are definitely budget-friendly. Buy a new set with an attractive pattern or with colours to match the rest of your décor. Made to measure blinds or a vertical blind are another functional element in the home office to provide optimum light control and privacy - they can be bought on a budget and have a natural beauty to them.

Budget Lighting

Sometimes the smaller elements of decorating can make just as much of a difference as buying new furniture. Lighting is a classic example and the good news is that you can buy good quality at a reasonable price. Look for those that fit in with your existing décor or choose something a little unique that will act as an accent to the room. Desk or table lamps UK should provide you with the right amount of light to work effectively, so a good solid design is also a good investment.

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