Mission possible 3 - to update your teen's room on a budget

Special Agent TF, your mission is to update our teen's rooms on a budget. We can't believe how fast they have grown and how their once loved bedroom décor has now become a living nightmare for them! They are begging for fresh designer looks, but is this at all possible on a budget?

Don't Turn Your Back On Old Furniture - It is quite common sense that old furniture in good condition shouldn't be thrown out when your teen tires of it. It is understandable that some items of furniture may no longer appeal to their taste because it is a horrendous colour or simply looks dated. As a parent, it is your duty to help them decorate their rooms on a budget so provide them with one of the following ideas. A new paint colour can be applied to wooden furniture - try white which is contemporary and fresh. Change the hardware on sets of drawers or wardrobes - some coloured glass handles or chrome will bring the piece right up to date.

If You Must Buy, Buy Multi-purpose - For teenagers, their bedrooms are like a whole house in one room. They sleep here, study, entertain friends and kick back when they are under pressure. With the room being used for so many activities, the need for furniture pieces with dual purposes are obvious. If you must buy a new piece of furniture then look for those that at least provide some handy storage solutions as well as their main purpose. Don't splash out on a desk if it can't hold all their stationary and supplies, you will only have to spend more on shelving and drawers later on - which in turn take up more wall/floor space. Dual-purpose saves space and pennies!

Let Your Teen Do The Work - It is no secret that teens love to customise everything they get their hands on - they doodle on desks, cover whole walls in posters and mirrors with photos or lipstick marks. This is normal and personal expression is a good thing. Use this quality to your advantage by suggesting they customise a few items in the bedroom - all you have to do is buy a selection of curtain fabrics online and provide the tools for the job. A good example is to buy a cheap lampshade and have them cover it in their favourite fabric, adding a trim for a more finished look. The ideas are endless - buttons, sequins, badges can be added too.

Update With New Bedding Sets - You can't avoid the need of buying new bedding from time to time, so this is a great option for updating a teen's room without leaving you with empty pockets. A contemporary black duvet cover might be more their taste than the old Shrek or Sponge Bob cover from yesteryear. Black is a great colour too for adding funky brights to the décor such as turquoise or hot pink. Alternatively, you teen will feel on trend with a stylish monochrome look achieved with black and white bedding and pillow covers.

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