Mission possible 1 - to update your living room on a budget

Special Agent TF, your mission is to update our living rooms on a budget! Read on to find out if the mission was accomplished and what our Special Agent discovered for tips on getting incredible style on a shoestring.

Give Your Living Room A Fresh Lick Of Paint - Painting your living room is an easy and cheap method of updating on a budget. All you have to do is make a choice about colour and whether you wish to paint all four walls - or better still, save further by painting a single wall. If you go with the second option then make the most of it by using a bold colour which will instantly create a focal wall, giving the room a totally new dimension.

Dress Up Walls With Show-stopping Pieces - If your walls are currently under-dressed, items such as mirrors, artwork or floating shelving displaying your favorite pieces can make an incredible difference without breaking the bank. You might choose a selection of mirrors in a small and/or dark living room, each of them with a unique frame to add interest. Larger rooms will appreciate a large canvas with bright colours. Great news if you have an artistic streak in the family or a good friend who can produce something unique at little or no cost.

Experiment With Lighting - We all need some form of light for the evenings, but think about changing your lighting to highlight certain areas of the room or use lighting as a decorative element as well as a functional one. Most living rooms will be fitted with the standard ceiling mounted light - why not bring in an attractive floor lamp or a cheap table lamp. Place dimmer switches for overhead lighting so that you can create different moods as and when you feel like it. You could even customise lampshades by adding button detail, tassel trims or a layer of lace.

Try A New Window Treatment - Don't overlook the amazing difference you can make to your living room with a new window treatment. Both curtains and blinds can be bought at low prices - with hundreds of styles to choose from it is a great way to make a unique change on a budget. Ready made eyelet curtains can be made to fit any window and a wide range of interior design styles. With basic sewing skills you can choose any curtain material online from a fabric wholesalers uk and make your own custom Roman blinds or curtains.

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