Mirror, mirror on the wall

We all have at least one mirror in our home, but did you know that there's more to using mirrors than simply looking at your reflection? They can be used to bring more light into a room, create fabulous wall art and so much more. Take a look at your home and see if you can't give mirrors more than a functional purpose in your home. Cream hallway with a number of different mirrors on either wall

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Dark hallways come alive when a collection of mirrors is placed on opposite walls. Lots of round mirrors on cream wall


These various sized circular mirrors make an impressive focal point in a room. A wall mounted mosaic depicting a woman's face


This amazing mirror is actually made from wood. Two single beds on a suspended platform inside a room that has mirrors over all walls and surfaces


Taking mirrors to a new level in this bedroom that has angled mirrored walls and ceiling. Cut tree trunks in the wood with a mirror panel put on the top of each one

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Breaking a mirror may bring you seven years bad luck, but don't throw the pieces away recycle them into fabulous wooden stepping stone tops in the garden. Glasses themed mirror, with one mirror in each lens frame

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Designed especially for the guys! White living room with grey sofa and chairs and large round mirror with decorative design

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Use mirrors at unusual heights to create a unique look. Garden terrace with grey trellis and black wicker furniture

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Add a mirror to your outdoor seating area; it'll make the area feel like an outdoor room.

Candles placed in front of mirrors provide pretty night time illumination. Tall full body mirror in rustic restored wood


It's bang on-trend to have a huge mirror propped up against a wall. Simple, yet stunning. Out building covered in round mirror panels

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Take the use of mirrors to the extreme like this house in Japan. Water feature with mirror to make the garden look twice as big

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Mirrors are an easy way to make your garden look far larger than reality.

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