If you are thinking about adding some decoration to a tried and lifeless room at home but are stuck for ideas, why not take a break from the same old pictures and ornaments and all of the other boring things that fill homes in the United States of Generica and instead inject some of your own personality with the help of memorabilia? Using memorabilia around the house to provide some character can be really fun and extremely effective.

For some inspiration, have a think about your own hobbies and interests, this will really help keep your scheme personal and relevant to you, ensuring your own is full of your character rather than somebody else’s. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s a favourite film or football team, memorabilia of all sorts can be made to look great.

Lots of memorabilia comes in the form of pictures or photographs which can be framed and hung as a great alternative to your normal artwork. If you are a movie buff, reproduction posters can be bought cheaply form record shops. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes they can be bought to fit any bare spot on your walls. Particularly eye catching and iconic ones are Stanley Kubric’s “2001 A Space Odyssey” and “A Clockwork Orange”. Or what about the shot for Martin Scorcesse’s “Taxi Driver”, with a brooding young Robert Deniro surrounded by bustling 1970’s New York?

For die hard fans, original posters can be bought for a little more expense, with some being real collectors pieces- a first edition Star Wars poster being a prime example. Other movie related memorabilia that is good to frame are stills from the movies or shots taken during production by the director of photography- if you can get them signed then even better.

Sport makes for a brilliant opportunity to spread memorabilia around the home. Signed photographs of sporting stars or scenes or boxing posters are particularly apt for hanging. Alternatively, sepia photographs which depict scenes from your favourite team’s early years are a really elegant and subtle way of showing your support and showing your colours.

If you have ample display space, memorabilia can also make great ornaments. Gloves worn in winning fights or boots that scored a winning goal set upon a small mantle or plinth can really bring the feeling of history and human endeavour flooding into your front room.

Often toys, models or plates are brought out in tandem with large movies, events or celebrations. All make great objects to house in a well lit display cabinet. To display your favourite items at their best, fit a plush layer of velvet to the base of your display cabinet. Velvet can be bought cheaply when purchased as a length of curtain fabric so there is no need to go to great expense.

Though memorabilia around the home can be fun, it is wise to bear in mind that over time sun damage can ruin the look of items on display, which could mean a significant loss of value to costly pieces or pictures. Installing adequate sun control around your windows will protect your precious collection. Blinds will reduce glare without the need to constantly keep the curtains drawn. From a simple roller blind to ultra chic black wooden blinds there is a bound to be a style to suit any scheme so invest to keep your memorabilia safe.