March makeovers using neons

Another of this year's interior design colour trends for modern and contemporary interiors is the use of neons. In times of austerity designers believe that we need to inject bright, bold colours into our lives to lift our spirits and morale. Despite the money experts telling us that it's now looking unlikely for the UK to go into a double dip recession the vast majority of us are still have to keep a close eye on our personal budgets, and as such designers are reaching out, metaphorically, and giving us interior design ideas which can be adopted and adapted by everyone.

As neons are typically associated with the younger generations, (I can't see my mother giving neons any house room whatsoever!) the ideas are geared towards contemporary living styles. This punchy colours can be a shock to the system and a visual blinding if used to excess, however use them as accents and they can bring a whole new look to living spaces. Neon pinks, blues and greens are the most favoured this year and can be parred down by using them as an accent with silvery greys and whites.

You can use neon colours anywhere you like, for example a door painted in gloss paint makes a grand visual statement which invites you to look further into a room. Subtle touches can also be added via soft furnishings such as cheap curtains, window blinds, cheap rugs and picture frames. Neon lighting is also a fabulous way to bring a room to life.

Today's attitudes towards interior design allow us to bring new concepts into our homes, just because neons are geared towards contemporary styles there's no reason why older houses can't be given a neon makeover. Some may say this is sacrilege to period homes, however, for younger people these styles of homes are more affordable but it doesn't mean they can't be decorated in the latest interior design trends.

Not many young people want their homes to look like a scene from a period drama! Sometimes we need to think outside of the box – let's be honest many of us are a little afraid of trying something new and as a result we slap magnolia in all of our rooms simply because it's safe! Keep to magnolia if you must but it's also worth upping the pace a little with pops of neon. You'll be amazed at the difference it can make to the look of your home and your morale!

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