March makeovers using lace

Inspired by the London, Milan and New York Fashions lace is being used to create graphic as well as sexy and sensual interiors. Cut work has been embodies into wallpapers and fabrics to give us new interior design concepts and colour combinations. Lace can also be used in soft furnishings to create a Victoriana style which is also bang on-trend this year.

Let's begin with the Victoriana – The Victorians loved to show off their wealth, as such white lace was commonly used for tables clothes, net curtains were used during the Spring and Summer and replaced with heavier curtains or drapes in the colder months. The Victorians also used fabric layering effectively typically using deep richly coloured fabrics with a lace over-lay.

During the Industrial Revolution hand-made lace was much sought after by the wealthy, however, machine made lace made it an affordable commodity for all. Today we can use lace in our soft furnishings and curtains in a similar way to the Victorians. Double layering is seen on window dressings which offer a chic and stylish window dressing which can suit all styled of homes. Cheap curtains with an over-lay of sheer voile fabric provides a soft and gentle look to windows while still being an affordable and practical window dressing.

Net curtains per say are considered to be somewhat out-dated, yet we still require window dressings which provide privacy without blocking out too much natural light. Full length sheer fabrics are replacing traditional net curtains in modern and contemporary styles interiors. Fast forward to this year's catwalks and we see lace being used by many of the top fashion designers. Referred to as boudoir fashion this sexy look is ideal for bedrooms.

Lace trimmings on luxury bedding and duvet cover sets and even headboards are great ways to bring your bedroom right up to-date. If you want to take it one step further use glossy fabrics in silver, emerald or electric blue with lace trims. These fluid fabrics are idea for full length curtains and if you allow them to pool and puddle on the floor naturally you'll be condensing two of the hottest catwalk fashion styles in one. If you need interior design ideas and inspirations to bring a new look into your home and you're also a Fashionista, using ideas from the catwalks will add a whole new dimension to interior style!

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