March makeovers using ethnic styles

We have come to love ethnic styled interiors over the last few decades and this year's trend of 'tribal' is carried over from last year. With a touch of exotic materials, styles and vibrant colours inspired by African, Asia and the Middle East. With precious and semi-precious gems colours (emerald, ruby, sapphire etc.) also being on-trend this year, Ethnic interior design styles bring in elements of other trends to bring your home bang up to-date.

The use of natural materials heavily influences Ethnic interiors, with wood, glass, natural stone (precious or otherwise), silk, linen, being used along with colours which are deep and sensuous and earthy. You also have the choice between going for a British Colonial style or going back to your roots to be inspired by tribal cultures, colours and designs.

Bedrooms see swathes of lightweight fabrics made into bed canopies, and luxury bedding, while window dressing are made from sheer fabrics such as silk or voile. These styles of cheap curtains can also be used to drape around a faux four-poster bed to add to the ethnicity of local regions. Large rugs made from natural materials such as sisal are ideal for covering areas of stone or tiled flooring, solid wood furniture, decorative tribal masks and wall art complete the picture.

Over indulgence isn't necessary as Ethnic styles are meant to represent the countries from which they originate and the trend is to opt for the more 'natural' elements rather than those which simply show-off wealth. Swap continents and move to India and Asia and you'll also find the use of natural products abound, along with vibrant colours inspired by the regions, spices and jewels. Asian interior will also include elements of religious beliefs, for example gold, lacquered black and red.

Beautiful oriental screens are an ideal accessory to make your home look authentic, wall art and jade display pieces will also help bring the style together harmoniously. Bamboo wooden blinds make the ideal window dressing and can easily be coordinated with flooring and furniture to bring a balanced and cohesive look to your rooms. With many of the colours being dark small rooms can look a little gloomy – it's here you'll need to choose accessories and soft furnishings which bring an air of intrigue and interest to the room.

In bedrooms crisp, white bedding is ideal for creating the feeling of warm sultry nights from where you design has been inspired from – by adding rich jewelled tones you won't make your rooms look or feel too cold – a delicate balance is required if you're going to pull Ethnic styling off and do it justice.

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