March makeovers – english kitsch

Today's post brings our attention to English Kitsch which is forecast to be big throughout this year. With its pastel colours, floral fabrics and nostalgic designs interior designers are saying that this style is to evoke memories of bygone eras. The quintessential English chintz and floral patterns are being transported from the countryside and bought into towns and cities. With the emphasis and trend of people staying at home more, English Kitsch also has its concept in the revival of specific decades with the 50's, 60's and 70's proving us with a trendy retro look which suits modern living.

Although the word 'kitsch' is being used, its terminology remains controversial. Originating from the German word 'trash' it is use to describe anything which was tasteless or an inferior mass produced copy and somewhat derogatory; today the word is used not to aggravate, slander or annoy deliberately but for its description of a style which typically is seen to be away from the 'norm'. In many ways it could also be viewed as a deliberate attempt to incite and stimulate conversation.

In terms of interior design it is being used as a tongue-in-cheek way to describe bygone decades, making us reflect on aspects of design, art work and soft furnishings which made us shudder - the flying duck wall plaques is what springs to my mind as being kitsch! To get the look you'll have to select a decade which is sufficiently embedded in your memory – for me it's candlewick bedspreads in bright orange! However, as you've got to live with the style you'll also have to love it. With some careful consideration and a leaning towards retro, you can easily discover what interiors were like during specific decades by researching online if you're too young to remember! It could also be said that this interior design style is aimed at the younger generations, purely because those who lived through them won't want to return!

Of course there's always the die-hard fans who have kept their interiors in a style which they remember and cherish. To get interior design ideas on how to get the kitsch look you'll need to choose an era or decade before fitted carpets where considered the 'norm'; you'll see that parquet flooring or lino (depending how wealthy you were) was used in conjunction with large rugs – usually plain coloured shag pile! Colours clashed and it was common place to include a variety of patterns on cheap curtains and cushions. Accessories were also mass produced in plastic and the more the merrier!

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