Man caves are becoming ever more popular; they're also moving out of dark and dingy basements, being given allocated space on ground floors or in attic spaces where there's more light.

Dream Garage

Why have your man cave in the basement when you want your car to be with you as well?  

The Chobble

Attics make wonderful places for man caves; more especially when your passion is star gazing!  


If you're serious about your man cave commandeer the family room and give yourself some much needed breathing space.  


A large attic can easily accommodate a home theatre, pool table and of course plenty of space for a little R&R with the guys.  


A contemporary man cave is too sleek and stylish to be hidden in the basement.  



The Man Cave Blog

It may be small, but then small is beautiful in a mini man cave.  

The Chobble

Not all guys are petrol heads or sports fans, those who prefer to commune with nature will seek solace in this attic-style man cave.  

Home Decorating Ideas

This attic-style man cave has lots of built-in storage for men who are immaculately neat and tidy by nature.  

RedFin Blog

Large sprawling houses have had games rooms for decades – nowadays they're re-titled 'man caves' because they have the addition of fruit-machines and a built-in bar.

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