19th August is Men's Grooming Day. The day when men are seen to take their grooming seriously – don't all men already do that?! I've found some fabulous bathrooms geared towards masculinity along with some awesome grooming.  


A urinal in your home bathroom could be seen as taking masculinity a bit too far!    


Sleek and sexy in black and steel.  


Contemporary design that suits modern men who have their finger well and truly on the pulse of the latest interior design trends.  


Why not have some fun while you're using the bathroom!  


No nonsense bathroom accessories with a distinctive nod towards masculinity.  


Nail brush in every sense of the words!  


Modern man wears rubber plastic sandals while grooming? Slippers are definitely out-dated!  

Mail Online

Guys like a long hot soak in the bath just as much as gals.  


Bathroom shelving that constantly reminds your man to decorate is a brilliant idea!  

Presents for Men

A perfect holdall for sporty men on the go.  

The New Daily

Bushy eyebrows are a definite no, no – so get plucking guys!  

Ben Shernman

Traditional style shaving and grooming is back on-trend.  

John Lewis

Moustaches are taken very seriously by some guys.    


Have your superhero on your shaven head – this is serious devotion.    


Or a detailed portrait haircut – just so the people behind know who you are?    


Clever razor advert indeed.  


If you have a superhero haircut you can have superhero facial hair too!

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