Move over wall paper walls are coming alive with stunning wall murals. The use of wall murals within the world of interior design isn't new. Even in ancient times there's evidence that people decorated their homes with painted wall murals; think along the lines of the houses found in Pompeii or even The Sistine Chapel. Today, the murals are placed using the same techniques as applying wall paper or have a sticky backing allowing the mural to be applied directly to the wall surface. Murals are fabulous in providing the art of illusion taking your mind to far and distant places or being used simply to make rooms look larger or grander.  

Bored Panda

You can even use murals to give your kitchen cupboard doors a unique and bespoke look.  


Relax and wash away the stresses of the day with a full size wall mural depicting a serene and calming outdoor scene.  


Use wall murals with an antiqued look to transport your home back in time.  


Rather be sitting outside and feeling the refreshing coolness of grass beneath your feet? Dream away with this digital imagery of spring green grass.  


Take the coastal look to another level with a wall mural of the cliffs and sea.  

 Home Modish

Use wall murals in children's room to let their imaginations run wild.  

Home Designing

Give yourself a refreshing Alpine spa treatment in the comfort and luxury of your own home.  

Active Rain

Let your mind drift down a tree lined lane to get your creative juices flowing again. On the other hand you could just while away the hours wishing you really weren't at work!  

Home Designing

Green is a creative colour, it's renowned for its ability to calm and yet rejuvenate and refresh making rain drenched grass the ideal wall mural for a productive office.  


Give your guests dinner in a famous city without the expense of actually travelling there. Like any good restaurant if the food and wine is good you'll never tire of seeing the same scene.  

The Online Central

Keep your memories of a visit to the Great Wall of China alive by having a digitally enhanced photograph on your bedroom wall; or just use it to keep your dreams of travel foremost in your mind.


Wrap yourself and your bedroom in snugly love with this awesome knitted mural.  


Make bath-time fun with a cow wall mural and a stand alone bath with cow hide sides.

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