Make Your Kids' Dreams a Reality with a Bed Cave

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Unfortunately for many parents bed time is associated with screaming children, tedious arguments and unhappy faces. This however is understandable as many children often associate bed time with darkness, loneliness and scary nightmares. Consequently why not make your child’s bed an adventurous, imaginative and magical place where they can look forward to fantasising about fairies, pirates, princesses and spaceships until their weary bodies drift to sleep.

Bed caves (long curtains hung around beds) provide a perfect opportunity to create this magical place and help your child to feel enclosed, safe and secure. Furthermore, the curtain screen makes them ideal choices for shared rooms and provides each child with a personal space. From a magical fairy palace to a mystical pirates’ ship this article takes you through some inspirational and cost effective ways to create a unique and personal bed cave for your kid!

The first and most obvious element to consider is what material to use for the bulk of the cave. Consider your child’s favourite toys and games and think about which fabrics would most capture this. For example, if your daughter is bonkers about Barbie why not use a baby pink fabric and trim the lower half with hot pink sequin material. For a car crazy boy use red, blue or white fabric and trim with black and white checkerboard.

Or alternatively, for the ever changing child, why not create a patch work style cave using a selection of bright and textured materials. Consider fur, sequins, plastics, spandex, gingham, felt etc. To save time use a plain curtain as the base of the cave and simply stitch patches on to your taste.

Alongside the choice of material you also need to consider how to suspend the cave from your ceiling. It is this element that can really help enforce the desired theme for your child’s room. For a magical fairy garden buy fake ivy, loop loosely through curtain rings and suspend from a plain white curtain pole over the centre of the bed.

During the day time the curtain can be swept to each side of the bed and the ivy will dangle around as an effective feature. Or, for a pirate theme room why not make the cave in to sails: use bold red and white striped material and tie on to a simple wooden curtain pole using rope. Add a skull and cross bones flag to the end of the pole for extra detail.

Finally, to create a cosy and comforting atmosphere within the cave consider night lights and fairy lights. There is a huge range now available in every theme imaginable. Either attach these to the bed head or wall or suspend from a long piece of ivy, rope or ribbon or simply twist around the curtain pole.

Whatever theme and whatever options you go for do be sure to include and listen to your child through every stage. Allowing your child to help design and make the cave will add to the feeling of safety, excitement and imagination which will inevitably ensure a peaceful nights sleep for everyone!

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